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hello, i am Kanika

RCI Certified clinical psychologist

founder of Blooming Mind Care

Kanika Girdhar, the founder of Blooming Mind Care, is a passionate & empathetic clinical psychologist who has worked with clients from different age groups and cultural backgrounds. She is also a hypnotherapist and regression therapist. 

With a keen interest in creating mental health awareness and breaking the stigma around it, she believes her therapy style can facilitate each individual reach their full potential.

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Anger Management
Mental Health

Anger: is it really manageable?

Anger is one of the seven universal emotion. Charles Spielberger explains anger as an emotional state that can range from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.

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Mental Health

Hypnotherapy: Myths and Misconceptions

Hypnosis is a temporary altered state of awareness or consciousness, in the individual induced by a trained professional in which a variety of phenomena may appear
spontaneously or in response to other stimuli. (BMA, 1955).

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Mental Health

Men: Let’s Talk

Mental health problems are common and prevalent in men and one of the biggest concern in India these days. Still most men don’t even report their mental health conditions.

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