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I was suffering from migraine headache for 30 years. Taken different sorts of medication. Nothing has brought in this much relief that I got from Kanika's hypnotic therapy. Observing for ~3 months now. My headache is reduced to a large extent in terms of frequency and the level of pain.
I refer those of you suffering from any sorts of pain for this kind of therapy from her. She taught some Self-heal techniques with which I am able to manage my thoughts and level of pain. I am very thankful to her for the treatment I received from her. I started enjoying my life more post this therapy


Kanika is very patient and helped me in getting clarity in various recurrent issues in life


I came with the problem of acidity and feeling hungry most of the time. All the sessions were very fruitful and unique experience. All my issues used to bother me so much and used to impact my daily life. Now I am feeling very good and thanks to Kanika for her constant efforts. I am very thankful to you


I reached out to Kanika for overcoming my impulsive nature. She is an expert in understanding the root cause of the problem and resolving it. I understood how my own belief system was the main problem resulting in such an issue. I now feel as if my original nature was coming back to me. I have also started believing that changes can happen if we are willing to take one step towards it. Thank you so much Kanika for all your support. – SP


The day I decided to take the therapy I was in a really bad shape. I was dealing with Grief, trauma and a repetitive pattern of not finding an appropriate partner. Therapy with Kanika just didn’t help me deal with grief and trauma, but also healed my deep-rooted anxieties and fear. I also had social anxiety but eventually I could walk with great confidence in front of 200 people and I also found the person of my choice. All credit goes to her excellent therapeutic skills. I would strongly recommend her. Thanks for being such a wonderful facilitator


I have seen tremendous changes for my emotional issues. Thank you so much Kanika for helping me


I came to Kanika with my phone addiction problem. From day one, she was quite receptive in understanding the problem and helping me solve it through hypnotherapy sessions.
Thanks to these sessions - The restlessness (and the negative emotions) that I associate with my mobile phone has gone down significantly. I don't feel the urge to pick my phone all the time. And I am focussing better on my work. Even when I use it - sparingly, I don't feel guilty or angry about using it.
As a bonus, these sessions also brought up other significant issues in my life - which were connected to my phone usage in some way - but I couldn't have identified them without hypnotherapy (One example - the notion that the "child in me" feels intellectually starved because I haven't been reading books lately - a habit I gave up when gadgets came into my life)
These sessions were quite intense and energy-taxing for me - and sometimes I would want to give up. But throughout these sessions - she was quite patient and receptive.
Thanks Kanika for positively impacting my life. I hope I am able to reach out to you for future problems in life!