1. Time: Subject to availability.
  2. Frequency of the session: Weekly, except for otherwise agreed upon subject to requirement.
  3. Duration: The session can range from 60 minutes – 90 minutes.
  4. Late to the session: For any delay, do keep me informed in advance and I will also do the same. Any delay beyond 15 minutes may require rescheduling the session and will be considered under cancellation or rescheduling clause.
  5. Confidentiality: Your information will be kept confidential. Information shared by you will be maintained strictly confidential except in the following situations:
    a) To ensure the best treatment, I will at times discuss the case with my colleagues or supervisor, keeping your identity confidential.
    b) If at any point you communicate a threat of bodily injury to self or to another the information would be disclosed to the family members and the legal authorities.
    c) When there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse or abuse to a dependent adult has occurred, or is likely to occur.
    d) If ordered by a court of law, the details of the treatment will be revealed to that court.
    e) I will disclose the information to a third person or agency, if you give in written to release the information.
  6. No gifts policy.
  7. Documentation: I may take notes during the therapy session.
  8. No suicide contract: When you sign off and confirm you agree to the conditions mentioned above you agree that you will not indulge in any self-harming behavior or the act of suicide.
  9. Fees: You are supposed to pay rupees 1500 for a 45 min session, 2000 for a 60 min session and Rs. 3000 (INR) for a 90 minutes session. If the duration of the session extends beyond an agreed upon time, you will be required to pay the additional fee. In case I need to travel to your place due to any requirement, you will be required to pay the commute on actual basis subject to my availability. The fee structure may undergo a periodic increase and you will be informed as and when it happens. If agreed payments for therapy are not being paid then I reserve the right to terminate therapy.
  10. Cancellation or reschedule: For any cancellation of the session by the client, it is important that the client informs at least 1- 2 days in advance. If any cancellation happens without a 24-hour notice or without exception, the client will be charged the minimum session fee amount of Rs 1500. 
    To reschedule an appointment, you are expected to inform me 1-2 days in advance. If any rescheduling happens at my end, I will keep you informed. If any rescheduling occurs without a 24-hour notice or without exception, it will be considered as cancellation.
  11. Termination: You have the right to terminate the therapy at any point. Wherever possible however, it is better that the ending of therapy is planned for and agreed between us both. I will not suddenly or without warning terminate our contract, except in exceptional circumstances, which would become clear in the course of the/our work together. This would be fully discussed at that time. Please note any threats or acts of violence will invalidate this agreement and therapy will cease. Sessions will not take place if you arrive under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed medication.
  12. Scope of my services: I am qualified to work with a wide variety of clients and problems, but sometimes I may not have the training needed to address a particular concern. If this is the case I will discuss it with you and make sure that you receive a referral to another professional who is better qualified to serve you. Also, if you are having current hallucinations/ delusions, severe thoughts of suicide or self-harm, or extreme Bipolar mood swings or withdrawal due to substance abuse you may need more support than I can offer you through weekly psychotherapy, and I reserve the right to refer you to a different or more intensive treatment if I believe you exceed the level of care I can offer. For all addiction related conditions, you will be expected to completely be off the substance you are taking. If that results in any form of challenge to be functional or indicates withdrawal symptoms, it would be advisable to visit a psychiatrist along with the therapy. No emergency or out of hours service is provided. In case of emergencies please contact your general physician or
    specific helpline numbers

    This is also to confirm that I am willingly taking part in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy/regression sessions and have not been forced to take any such session. I agree to above mentioned conditions.